Welder/Brazer Continuity

Brothers and Sisters of Local 137, This information is regarding the UA Welder Certification program and the UA Medical Gas Installer/Brazer Certification program. In an effort to provide the quality craftspeople that Local 137 has a proud reputation of putting to work in the pipe trades, Local 137 has made some changes to better comply with the UA protocol for these programs regarding the continuity of the welder and brazer qualifications. A “qualified welder” and a “qualified medical gas brazer” are both required to submit a “record/report of continuity” at an interval not to exceed 6 months. These forms are available on the Local 137 website as well as at Local 137. Any Local 137 member who has attained any UA Welder and/or Medical Gas Brazer certification and is performing welding and/or brazing on the job for a contractor needs to submit these forms to the contractor to be signed and then send the forms to the Local. If a welder or brazer has not perform the process, they can perform each process at the Local 137 Training School as needed. The Training School is open to perform continuity updates Monday – Friday during normal business hours and by appointment as needed. All members can verify their “Welder” continuity dates on the UA’s member website at uanet.org. If you have never logged on to that site, click “first time user and complete the form. They will email your log in credentials immediately. All members can verify their “Medical Gas Brazer” continuity dates at the National Inspection, Testing, and Certification website at nationalitc.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “certification lookup”, then fill out the search criteria. In the case where a member no longer wants to keep these qualifications, no further action is required. Thank you for your cooperation in making these programs better.